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Poster: gilco Date: Jun 8, 2004 7:10am
Forum: freecache Subject: when caching start to get to action?

I cache a WMV file from my site around the size of 6.5MB. But I still see that freecache download in one day 500MB. Why does it keep reading my Movie again and agian? It was view around 500 time that day. maybe it is not enough to cache it?
because normal chaching on the net do that ratio as well.

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Poster: Guspaz Date: Jun 17, 2004 3:46am
Forum: freecache Subject: Re: when caching start to get to action?

Do some math; a 6.5MB file downloaded 500 times would be 3250MB. So, your file would appear to be cached, and cached queries (savings) are accounting for ~85% of your downloads.